10 Tips For Teaching Kids Responsibility

Children learn from what they see; thus, the onus of raising a child who is responsible and knows what is right and wrong is on the parents.

Here are 10 tips to get you started on the right path.

  1. They must clean up their own mess: Be by their side to help them clean up and tidy up. Let them lead the way but be right there to support.
  2. Recognize their efforts: When a child helps voluntarily or is kind to someone, acknowledge the act and praise them for their effort.
  3. Be supportive: Children with their fragile self-esteem and limited attention span can get bored too soon from a task. As a parent, gently guide them back and give them the support they need to complete the work at hand. Never belittle their effort or you will scar them for life.
  4. Encourage to make a checklist: Children like to be in control of things. Hence, make them write a checklist of things to do and support them in completing it.
  5. Working for pay: When your children do chores which are beyond the regular routine, pay them. This will give them a sense of how the real world works.
  6. Encourage thinking: Don’t bark orders but spur them on to create their own schedule and define their role in the household and the community.
  7. Develop bedtime and study routine: Having a regular bedtime and study hour will help them develop successful study habits and also help them learn the art of planning their time well.
  8. Being a responsible citizen: Teach them to own up their mistakes and realize that their actions can have consequences.
  9. Don’t bail them out immediately: Kids need the space to learn to comprehend a situation and learn to adapt and learn. So, wait to see their problem-solving skills before you step in to sort a problem.
  10. Learn to pay up: Suppose your child damages board games for 4 year olds of another child make him realize that he has to pay for the damage; this will teach him to be more careful in future.