DaySeptember 30, 2018

The Importance of Music Education in Early Childhood Development

Is there anyone who doesn’t like music? No one. Everyone loves to hear some music to relax from the routine work life. The music should be taught to the children from the early age itself. Because the brain will develop up to 80% within the first four hours of age. So, when we start teaching them something like music and dance in those ages, they will have the ability to grasp the things very easily. We are able to see the children get the lyric of cine songs very easily because the catchy rhythm attracts them and so they will automatically get by hearted. That is why we are using the same methodology in teaching English and Tamil rhymes to the children. Because when they see us singing the rhymes like a song, they will get impressed and they will start singing them on their own. Music education is very important for every child from the childhood days itself.

Motor skills:

When the children start playing the musical instruments, their motor and hand and eye coordination skills will develop automatically and we are able to see many children play keyboards without seeing the keys because their hand and eye coordination skill had developed so much and they are very thorough with the place of the keys in the instrument.


The music education helps the children to learn what is teamwork and how much important it is to succeed in life. Because in most places, they will sing with their team members and they will definitely get to know the importance of teamwork.


As the children perform in a group, the discipline will automatically develop and they will learn that the hard work never fails.


Thus conclude that we can try our best to make music education important in every school to cultivate many good habits in children for their future. We can also check out Whoopsadaisy to know what the experts say about this music education in childhood.…