MonthOctober 2018

Why Schools Should Incorporate Drug Education Into Their Curriculum

In order to keep the children away from drugs, one needs help with prevention and education. Ultimately, the choice would be in the hands of the child, but it is very much important that they are aware and know about all the tools which are required to say “No”.  You could check out to know about how many children are getting admitted in these rehabilitation centers in a year. The number is quite frightening. Always prevention is better than cure.

In the life of adolescent’s, educators and the parents have the biggest influence. It is very much important the parents have a talk about drug abuse with teens and pre-teens. Sharing the belief about drugs would be perhaps the largest influence on the choice a teen would make to use the drugs or not.

The drug education is quite important in schools as it helps in preventing drug abuse among children. It helps them to develop effective techniques to keep a check on drug abuse as well as violence. An effective drug education program will consist of interactive scenarios that teach the children about the importance of decision-making.

The drug education program is beneficial as it addresses the following things:

  • Acquiring skills and knowledge to recognize and also resist the peer pressure in experimenting with alcohol, tobacco, and
  • Learning about assertiveness techniques
  • Enhancing self-esteem
  • Learning about various positive alternatives to drug abuse
  • Conduct resolution skills
  • Learn about anger management
  • Building communication and interpersonal skills
  • Lowering violence
  • Learning to implement the decision-making model
  • Developing decision making and risk assessment skills
  • Flexibility to add additional information to address particular local issues

Combination of educators and parents supports will offer the best scenario to prevent the teenage from drug abuse.…

Top Tips Teaching a Child to Count and Read Numbers

Learning has become such a competitive activity that parents everywhere are scrambling to keep up. Every year there is a new learning trend that young parents have to master so that their children are in the loop and are keeping up with their peers. Being a parent in 2018 has become a tough job! That being said, the internet is a great resource for helpful tips, like in doodlebuckets!

Among the top things to learn before entering kindergarten are alphabets and numbers. While alphabets can be easy since we can associate children’s toys and words with alphabets, numbers are harder to learn.

Top Tips To learning numbers

Math has a lot of negative bias and associated phobia anyway. The first step to learning and enjoying math for a child is learning numbers. Here are some of the best ways for your child to learn numbers:

  • Association: Does your child have 2 blocks in their hand? Tell them they do. Soon, they will begin asking for number-specific things – one toy, two slices of bread, and so on
  • Earlier the better: point and teach is the earliest known teaching method. You can start this as early as their first birthday. So, for instance, if they see 2 birds, say there are two birds. They won’t understand it, but repetitive number associations mean they will begin to comprehend it soon enough.
  • Music is a superb learning aid. “one little, two little, three little fingers” , “5 little monkeys jumping on the bed” are all great ways to teach your child numbers and counting as well. They also have fun while doing it since everyone loves music.
  • Once you’ve begun your journey with numbers, bring it into every day interactions as much as possible. Two toys, one fruit, etc.
  • Once your child is three or four, you can do a little arithmetic. So, single digit addition and subtraction they can manage.
  • Written numbers will take time – until 5 years some studies say, so, don’t be in a rush with this one. They can read numbers by this time, and the writing will soon come.

Warum Cosplayen so unfassbar viel Spaß macht

The cosplay is fully related to costumes and other materials like the appropriate accessories for the cosplay character. So, we have to get all the essential materials needed for it from the shops before the day of cosplay. Let us have a look at what the materials are in detail and we can get these materials online from


The fabric is the main material which will make our character look amazing. So, we have to select a high-quality fabric to have a better look.


The cosplay characters will be of anything, which is we may play as a lean character or maybe a fat character. So, we have to read with a lot of foam which will be used to be stuffed into the costumes to look like a fat and thick character.

Glue and adhesives:

These are the most important things for a cosplay. Because we will have many things to do with the glue and adhesives like if we act like a saint, we need to have a long beard. So, we must have glue to stick the foam on our jaw.

Craft items:

The craft items like crepe paper and more will help us to give more beauty and life to the character. That is we can make some flowers with the crepe paper and stick it on with our costumes. That will make the costumes look elegant and awesome.


Glitters are the excellent item which will make our entire costume and accessories look very grand and gorgeous. If we stick some glitters on our simple costume, it will definitely become a rich look costume for sure. Glitters are not so costly and we all can afford it easily.


Thus conclude that cosplay is the word comes from costume and play. So, the costumes are the main thing in a cosplay and we have to make our cosplay a miserable one by making our costumes look excellent with the above materials.…

Self-Studying: The Benefits & How to Do It

Self Studying is a very interesting way to learn and imbibe concepts. It is quite easy and very effective as well. The concepts can be learned in a way we like so that it is convenient for us. PotterAudio has a good collection of books. Check the variety of books available books and capture the concepts well before purchasing to enjoy the world of books. Let us discuss how effectively we can do this and the benefits of it all in detail.

Firstly, we must try and understand for ourselves the reason for studying the concept. Essentially, we must be clear enough with the background information. This will enable us to get through the concepts well.

Secondly, we will have to go line by line and understand every single aspect. Let us not move forward with the concepts until we understand everything clearly.

Thirdly, explore more about the concept to get a wide knowledge. Read the concept once or twice and start revising it.

The benefits of doing a good self-study revolve around us. We can learn a concept in our own pace. We can also explore regarding it and develop a huge understanding. This will let us not forget about it anytime. We will not be compelled to imbibe a concept in a short interval of time. We can capture it well and visualize it so that we will never forget the concept any time. We will not be compared with our peers and get the fear of understanding it slowly at any point in time. We can make good notes in our own style and keep it for future reference. This is indeed a good way of keeping a hold of the information in a style that we presume is right.

How To Teach Your Kids Entrepreneurial Skills

Schools never teach tactical skills and that systematized education given by the schools play a very small role in making you succeed in life. The entrepreneur skills one requires to be successful are usually learned in course of life as the skills or qualities which are required to grow are never taught by the educators. However being a parent, you have the opportunity to teach your children how to face challenges in order to help them succeed as an entrepreneur and get into the business of selling anything like SleekWristBands, sports equipment, etc. Below mentioned are few skills one can teach their children.

Innovation and creativity- Technology and society continue to progress and evolve. It’s quite crucial that you teach your children to be innovative and creative. Guide your children to think out of the box by allowing them enough room to explore and play.

Resilience- Most entrepreneurs face rejection all the time. Resilience and the capability to push back the setbacks play an important role in shaping the leaders.  You need to make your child understand about the failure and how to face them.  Teach the value of perseverance.

Self-confidence– Being a successful entrepreneur demands confidence in your capability that they can make it on their own.  Motive your kids and they should believe in themselves. Give them assurance and lift their mood when they fail.

Curiosity- Encourage your kids to explore a new set of hobbies and give them the freedom to pursue their passion.

Optimism- If you have an optimistic outlook, then it would give you hope that one day your dream will become a reality. You need to inspire optimism in kids. You can do that by sharing various uplifting stories.

Empathy– No one would wish to work for a person who is selfish. If you are able to develop empathy in your kids then it empowers them to affect positively those people whom they collaborate in future.…