MonthNovember 2018

The Ultimate Guide to Learning Anything Faster and Better

As a child I remember reading this:

I hear, I know

I read I understand

I see and I never forget!

This philosophy has stayed. Even after growing up and doing my law at the university, I was always a big fan of practical and hands-on experience. So, reading and understanding the legal provisions was one thing but it never really ended there for me. I took up an apprenticeship at the bar with such frugal stipend that I could not afford anything at all. But what it did give me was a wealth of information in the form of practical training.

So, when kids in my batch were partying hard and learning the rules and provisos by heart, I was actually sweating it out at the Judge’s chambers and writing down notes in the Bar Library for a case that was to be presented the next day!

It has helped me in my career immensely:

I took off early, landed my dream job as a celebrated attorney, had my stint, took a well-deserved break and even started a family!

Now, as a mommy to three, I still believe that it is not enough to tell them or just read to them. I rather that they go out and see the world!

For instance, last week, we had a circus in the town square and we definitely had a plan. So, while we did read a small comic about the circus and all the animals that we were going to see, the actual experience was so overwhelming to all the three that it was incredible watching their expressions when they saw the animals and the trapeze artists.

I depend on Peak Performance Tours:

Because they have delivered on their promises always! I am so looking forward to showing them the world and in the process get to know it myself too!!

15 Ways You Can Help Your Children Succeed At School

It is not easy being parents and bring up happy and successful kids. You need to work hard towards that goal from the day your child is born. The love and care showered on the child molds his personality and creates a path for his success in the future. As parents, you can do a lot of things to help your kid.

  1. Meet the teacher when the schools begin. Create a connection and be available if they call.
  2. Attend parent-teacher meetings, it will help you to improve the connection with the teaching staff.
  3. Understand the system of teaching in the school, where your child is studying. Meet other people connected with his daily activities.
  4. Follow the progress that your child is making regularly.
  5. Ask the teacher about the child’s progress in comparison to other kids; not to really worry about the child but to help him if he is lagging behind in some aspects.
  6. You can get appropriate toys and games to help him develop his motor muscles and various sensory skills. StarWalkKids can guide you at every stage of development of your child.
  7. Ensure that your child completes his homework within the given time limits and help by providing the necessary material.
  8. Provide help if needed in the form of extra tutoring, if the child needs that.
  9. Ensure that the child prepares for tests and provide help too if needed.
  10. Volunteer at your child’s school and get involved with activities.
  11. Understand what the school can offer or what their limitations are. You can help your kid by adding extra activities outside school hours.
  12. Ask and find out – information is crucial now and it is important to have all the information that you can.
  13. Let the teacher and authorities know if you have any concerns about your child’s performance or welfare.
  14. Encourage your child to spend time productively- more play time and reading and art activities will help as would reducing time spent on TV and Video games.
  15. Last but not the least- listen to your child and always be positive.

These are only but a few tips. If you follow these you will help your child to be successful and a well-adjusted person in the society.

The Ultimate Guide: How to Self-Train to Become a Fashion Designer

Fashion is something that allows both men and women to let their creativity stay alive even during the busiest of days. Even when you are running from one meeting after another and then getting back home to hit the sack and rushing back to your office the next morning, there is a small amount of time you spend to pick an outfit for the day. This time you spend to create something nice, to pick something in which you would be comfortable and beautiful is fashion. Fashion could mean different things to different women and men around the world. But if you wish to become a fashion designer, you do not always have to have a fancy fashion degree from a reputed college to begin your career. All you need is a passion to drive you, the motivation to learn and the best source of information to sharpen your creativity. For your accessories visit Luxtime.

Choose a course

Nothing beats having an official degree. But if you cannot enroll for the one you can also look for online certifications or online degrees in fashion design. This can make it easy to take a more professional approach and even be valuable when you wish to make a career in fashion design.

Learn the basics

Always start with the classics. Learn the different body types and the do’s and don’t’s for dressing up each body type. The easiest approach would be to start by experimenting on yourself.

Start with what you have

Creating a great outfit by spending a huge deal of money on buying complementing clothes is something that anyone can do. Fashion, however, is about bringing out your tastes and your choices. It is about creating an outfit with a character of its own. For this start by creating different styles with the basics and the clothes that you already own. This could be the most challenging assignment to give yourself for a practical learning of fashion design.…

How Hard Is It to Drive a Yacht? What You Need to Know

Sailing is education, stress- reducing and fun activity. It can provide one with hours of enjoyment far away from home. However, there are few precautions one should know about before venturing out for a sailing expedition. It is very much essential that one should educate themselves about the important aspects with regard to operating the boats as it’s not that easy to maneuver a sailing boat.  It is easy to acquire a boat as all the information related to the same are available at online sites. You could check out here to know about options available.

Below mentioned are the basic things one should know about sailing a yacht.

Understand basic about yachts- The first thing you need to do before you set sail is to sit in the cabin of the yacht and familiarize with the marine radio, communication system and other safety equipment.

Learn about yacht steering controls- Most of the yachts will have two throttles and a steering wheel. These controls help in the steering of the boat. The engines help in steering the boat when it is traveling at slow speed.  For instance, if you need to take a right turn in a tight area, you should advance slowly left throttle while retarding right throttle. It is known as differential steering.  The turn would be done without taking the boat backward or forward.

Have enough crew members- Don’t ever leave the dock without required crew members. The number of crew members is depended on the size of the yacht. If it’s a small boat, only the help of dock hand is enough.

Learn about cruising- Try cruising first in straight line by using the partial throttle. To control the direction you could use the steering wheel. If at all you need to reduce the speed, you need to slow down the throttle.

Master the docking- Docking should be mastered as it’s the most dangerous thing and can cause a lot of damage.

The Difference Between an Employee and an Independent Contractor

A venture might remunerate an employee and an independent contractor for the equivalent or comparable work; however, there exists imperative legitimate contrasts for the two. For the worker, the organization suppresses taxes, medical insurance and Social Security from salary given. As for the self-contractor, the organization does not repress taxation charges. Labor and employment regulations don’t make a difference to self-employed contractors.


To decide if an individual is a self-employed a contractor or an employee, the organization gauges variables to recognize the level of authority it has in the association with the individual.


Work Laws

An employee is secured by various government and state business and work laws, though a contractual worker isn’t secured by any of these business and work laws.


Contracting Practice

A potential representative finishes an application that is dealt with by Human Resources. The affirmed candidate gets an occupation offer. After an individual acknowledges the offer, the recruiter must request extra data about the worker. However, a contractor ordinarily connects with the individual or office that needs a specific administration or errand finished. They may finish a proposition. Eventually, the contractor gets into an agreement, which includes a Work statement with the lawful or acquirement area of the venture.


Estimation of Work or Contract

A worker earns an hourly wage or compensation, whereas a contractor might be for an aggregate sum. It might be for an hourly rate or day by day or week after week sum those closures on a particular date or an aggregate sum to be given out when the activity is finished.



An employee payroll interval must continue as before except if formally altered. Payroll interval differs from multi-week to multi-month. Government and state regulations for wages as on necessitate that a worker is remunerated on the ordinary salary date or prior if the compensation check isn’t debatable on the typical pay time, which can happen on leave days. The accounts payables pay the contractor once the invoice has been received. Contractual workers are not remunerated by finance staff in many organizations.…