Why Schools Should Incorporate Drug Education Into Their Curriculum

In order to keep the children away from drugs, one needs help with prevention and education. Ultimately, the choice would be in the hands of the child, but it is very much important that they are aware and know about all the tools which are required to say “No”.  You could check out to know about how many children are getting admitted in these rehabilitation centers in a year. The number is quite frightening. Always prevention is better than cure.

In the life of adolescent’s, educators and the parents have the biggest influence. It is very much important the parents have a talk about drug abuse with teens and pre-teens. Sharing the belief about drugs would be perhaps the largest influence on the choice a teen would make to use the drugs or not.

The drug education is quite important in schools as it helps in preventing drug abuse among children. It helps them to develop effective techniques to keep a check on drug abuse as well as violence. An effective drug education program will consist of interactive scenarios that teach the children about the importance of decision-making.

The drug education program is beneficial as it addresses the following things:

  • Acquiring skills and knowledge to recognize and also resist the peer pressure in experimenting with alcohol, tobacco, and
  • Learning about assertiveness techniques
  • Enhancing self-esteem
  • Learning about various positive alternatives to drug abuse
  • Conduct resolution skills
  • Learn about anger management
  • Building communication and interpersonal skills
  • Lowering violence
  • Learning to implement the decision-making model
  • Developing decision making and risk assessment skills
  • Flexibility to add additional information to address particular local issues

Combination of educators and parents supports will offer the best scenario to prevent the teenage from drug abuse.…