How To Teach Your Child To Be More Independent

Parenting is not easy and every parent knows that. As parents, we want to do the best for our kids and protect them in every manner possible. But, that also backfires on us when our child becomes very dependent on us.

It is important that as parents we make our kids independent from a very young age. This will not only give you some rest but at the same time instill confidence in your kid that they too can do the task in hand independently.

The “feel guilt” parent

If you are among those who feel guilty seeing the kid doing a task by himself which he is struggling to do then you are not alone. Like, suppose your 3-year-old is trying to wear his pajamas independently and you see that he is struggling with it. A parent’s instinct is to rush to help your kid, but is that the right way to do it?

It is important that you wait, notice, and give your kid the time to try it out. Yes, it will be a struggle for him initially because it is a challenge for him. Wait for the kid to try it out a thousand times before he gives up and comes to you. If your kid achieves to wear the pajama then this will help to make the kid independent and he will also gain confidence. However, if the kid is unable to do it then assist him but do not do the task for him.

Stop doing everything

Did your child ask you the question about the tent?

We as parents are so overprotective that we want to do everything for our kids. But to make them independent we need to learn to let go. Let them find their way out, whether it is to settle a fight in the park or to eat on time. Fretting out over small issues of your kid is also going to make him less confident. So keep an eye on him but let him approach the situation his way. However if you think that the situation needs your interference and your kid is not able to handle it himself, it is only then you should interfere.