How to Use Music as a Teaching Tool

Music, for many, is like life to the soul just as blood is to the blood vessels. Music plays a great role in our lives. It inspires us, energizes some, refreshes a few, fills voids for many, removes solitude among other, helps some people to focus better, and helps others to enjoy their moment, and so on.

However, what many people are unaware of is the fact that music can also be used as a teaching tool. Surprising is it? Nevertheless, it is true. If music can be therapeutic in nature, then why cannot it become an instrument of passing, sharing and instilling knowledge? Here is how we all can use music in some way or the other to transform it into a tool for teaching.

  1. Music has a unique way of helping kids and adults to focus on one’s character and their emotional and social skills. Music is also known to create positive and healthy social relationships rather than creating conflicting situations.
  2. Songs also help us to be more assertive in nature, help us to manage/control our feelings to ensure that we respect all beings and to behave responsibly.
  3. Some of the lyrics of certain songs have the power to deliver such strong, positive, and empowering messages, especially at times when we least expect it. For instance, there is the song that goes by the lyrics, “Go Away Bad Thoughts”, written by Dr. Mac, a family therapist, and his friends that teaches and encourages children never to have negative thoughts rather expect the best out of life.
  4. Moreover, it has been found out that when you combine certain activities of your life with songs/music, the results/performance was found to be better and at times even exceed expectations.
  5. Music as a learning tool can also be viewed as a brain-mapping tool and enhances one’s cognitive abilities. When you associate music to learning, certain parts of the brain activate and relate to what you see/learn and in return create new images and memories for the brain to process, which then gets etched in our minds forever.
  6. Some types of music are also known to increase our attention span. That is the reason why many therapeutic sessions and meditation classes employ the use of music to help their students focus and relax.

Thus, music is indeed an excellent teaching tool, as it makes learning more enjoyable with lesser efforts. For further reading, check this review website to gain much more useful insights. Let music govern your lives.