The Ultimate Guide to Learning Anything Faster and Better

As a child I remember reading this:

I hear, I know

I read I understand

I see and I never forget!

This philosophy has stayed. Even after growing up and doing my law at the university, I was always a big fan of practical and hands-on experience. So, reading and understanding the legal provisions was one thing but it never really ended there for me. I took up an apprenticeship at the bar with such frugal stipend that I could not afford anything at all. But what it did give me was a wealth of information in the form of practical training.

So, when kids in my batch were partying hard and learning the rules and provisos by heart, I was actually sweating it out at the Judge’s chambers and writing down notes in the Bar Library for a case that was to be presented the next day!

It has helped me in my career immensely:

I took off early, landed my dream job as a celebrated attorney, had my stint, took a well-deserved break and even started a family!

Now, as a mommy to three, I still believe that it is not enough to tell them or just read to them. I rather that they go out and see the world!

For instance, last week, we had a circus in the town square and we definitely had a plan. So, while we did read a small comic about the circus and all the animals that we were going to see, the actual experience was so overwhelming to all the three that it was incredible watching their expressions when they saw the animals and the trapeze artists.

I depend on Peak Performance Tours:

Because they have delivered on their promises always! I am so looking forward to showing them the world and in the process get to know it myself too!!